David Marks - films, writing and selected credits

Links to Documentary Films - Clicking on title directs to streaming version on VImeo:

In The Cobbler’s Shoes - 2013 - A documentary about a beloved village Cobbler - Password: coBBler 

Coronation in the Kingdom of Tonga - 2009 - A documentary about a King and his country - Password: TABOO 

Dark Star - 2005 - BBC biography of Frank Sinatra = Password: Frank

Emperor of the Universe - 2001 - BBC biography of Sun Myung Moon - Password: Cult

Jimi Hendrix - The Man they Made God - 1998 - BBC biography of the iconic guitarist - Password: London

Nazi Gold - 1997 - BBC Special on the role of Switzerland in WWII - Password: Train

The Gangster Who Dreamed - 1996 - BBC biography of Sam Giancana = Password: Chicago

Links to Articles and Writing - Clicking on title directs to news website:

Senate Must Punish Trump for Capitol Riot - 2/4/2021

The New York Con - Criminal behavior repeats itself - 11/8/2020

America Held Hostage - Forty years afte the Iran-Hostage crisis, its impact endures - 2/11/2020

Trump is no Hitler - His Enablers are the Greater Problem - 1/5/2020

Trump: Man of Sin - 8/1/2019 - A profile of the Presidents character

The Politics of Sexual Harassment and War - 11/07/2017 - How U.S. political culture tolerates abuse and violence

Trump Threatens a Genocide - 09/23/2017 - The president’s rhetoric increases the possibility of World War Three

The Last of the Mad Pirates? - 08/31/2017 - Trump is profiled with Buckminster Fuller’s perspective

Risk of Unleashing Mad Dog Mattis - 07/08/2017 - The Secretary of Defense and his love of war

Clapper’s Unhinged Russia Bashing - 06/15/2017 - How hostility towards Russia is a mirror of U.S. aggression

Trump: The Narcissist with Haters - 05/30/2017 - A profile of the president’s psyche

Reflections on US Political Tragedies - 11/14/2016 - The election of Donald Trump marks another milestone

Campaign 2016's Brave New World - 06/14/2016 - Alduos Huxley adds some perspective on the U.S. Election

Collateral Damage / Stuff Happens - 10/09/2015 - A look at U.S. gun violence and the warrior culture

Press: In The Cobbler’s Shoes - 10/02/13 - Review of the independent documentary 

Ukraine’s Assault on a Free Press - 01/23/2011 - A detailed report on how government represses media

The Train - 06/20/1997 - Details of Swiss Railway’s reported transport of Holocaust victims

Selected Credits

In The Cobbler's Shoes

Producer and Director of this independent documentary about Misak Pirinjian, a beloved cobbler, whose timeless skill and presence reminds his village of the importance of shoes and kindness.  A Mill Valley Film Festival Selection. 

Coronation in the Kingdom of Tonga

Producer and Director of this award-winning independent documentary about the identity and integrity of a unique island culture.  

Sinatra: Dark Star 

U.S. Producer for this BBC special biography about the 20th century singer and icon whose fame relied on relationships with some of the most heinous criminals of his era.

Nazi Gold 

Associate Producer and lead investigator for this BBC/PBS special on the role of Switzerland in WWII. See http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/nazis/train/

Jimi Hendrix: The Man They Made God

Producer of this BBC documentary on the life and times of the famed guitarist; a young man from Seattle who launched his career from London in the 1960's.

Sun Myung Moon: Emperor of the Universe 

U.S. Producer of this BBC biography of the leader of the Korean Cult whose power and money influenced heads of state around the world.

Sam Giancana: The Gangster Who Dreamed 

Associate producer for this BBC biography on the Chicago mobster whose career bridged the 20th century with subversive political connections.


Reporter for this BBC documentary series on the history and politics of the precious stone.

Investigating the October Surprise 

Reporter for this PBS/FRONTLINE documentary on how the1980 U.S. presidential election was influenced by the Iran Hostage Crisis.