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David is a writer, documentary filmmaker and investigative reporter. He produced some of the BBC’s most widely viewed documentary specials including Nazi Gold, on the role of Switzerland in WWII, and revelational biographies of JImi Hendrix and Frank Sinatra. He has also produced and directed two independent documentaries; Coronation in the Kingdom of Tonga and In the Cobbler’s Shoes, honored as a Mill Valley Film Festival selection. 

David has studied and practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a background in Asian philosophy. He is an Emergency Medical Technician and was the Chief Medical and Training Officer of a rural volunteer fire department.

Some of his other interests include organic farming, sustainable home design and construction, and plant-based gastronomy. He is the father of two adult daughters who have excelled in their respective fields as a marine scientist and an editor.


Online versions of some of the films David has directed and/or produced — and past articles — are both listed in our ARCHIVE.

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